image The FAQ (frequently asked questions) will answer questions you have about our process and how to email or send photos to be used to make your item. Any other questions you might have email me at don@kaikostudios.com

  • Question: Does Kaiko Studios develop the products or do you send it out like some other web sites do?
  • Answer: All production is done on site at various shows in Colorado or in our office in Morrison, Colorado.

  • Question: If I want to have a gift made for someone else do you ship?
  • Answer: Yes, we can ship anywhere in the United States.

  • Question: How do I send you a photo from my cell phone?
  • Answer: Locate the photo you want to email in your cell phone gallery or other photo file, tap on the picture. A group of choices should pop up above the photo. Choose the envelope tap on it, and that will take you to your email file with the picture already attached. With some phones you are given a choice of resolutions to send. Send large or full then send to don@kaikostudios.com

  • Question: Which mug size is the most popular?
  • Answer: 90% of our mug sales are 15oz.

  • Question: Can I have more than one photo on an item?
  • Answer: Sure, You can put a second different photo on both a mug and a water bottle. The cost for the extra photo is $3.00. You can also put up to three photos on a mouse pad with the cost $3.00 for each additional photo.

If you have other questions please contact me at don@kaikostudios.com